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Our proprietary cloud Intelligent Relational Information System database technology aggregates your data.

Your IRISŪ data is organized in a comprehensive suite of reports and analyzed to pinpoint growth trends and opportunities.

Operator Demographics
Analyze - Identify Opertor Behavior

Identify operator demographics, market influencers and industry challenges that affect operators.
Establish SAMs
(Strategic Action Measures)
Analyze - Track Sales Trends

Create and communicate growth measures to help build accountability within your sales and broker teams.

Track Sales Trends
Analyze - Lead Nuturing
Track case purchasing / transactions, specific SKU performance, loss leaders and new /YOY sales.

Measure Results

Analyze - Measure Results
Evaluate results of key strategies and promotions in RealTime Intelligence using our cloud-based interactive dashboards.

  Grow Your Business
Pursue business growth opportunities by translating business intelligence into actionable strategies.

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Cool School Cafe - The Leading Marketing Program within the K12 education segment
CAFE FUEL - The Better For You K12 Rewards Program By Cool School Cafe

Brand Points PLUS - FoodService Operator Loyalty Program

RealTime Solutions proprietary IRIS database and 3A (Aggregate, Analyze, Act!) process is a one of kind platform that translates intelligent operator insight into actionable business strategies that our in-house marketing team executes.

We have dedicated Marketing, Account Management, IT, Creative Design and Customer Service teams with cost-reducing in-house printing and fulfillment capabilities.

–(reel-tahym) adjective
of utmost importance; time sensitive;
a process whose application is considered mission critical.

We live by the rules of our "RealTime" culture. Our team is nimble, entrepreneurial and has many years of experience in different capacities within the foodservice industry. Every member of our team is immersed in your brand so that they are a true extension of your marketing vision. We understand the unique needs of each client, and are prepared to respond at a moment's notice to meet and exceed expectations.

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