Food. Services. Intelligence.®
Proprietary Tools

Intelligent Relational Information System® (IRIS)

Our proprietary database enterprise system we have built from the ground up to specifically serve our clients in the foodservice industry.

Real Accelerated Sales® (RAS)

Leverage the RealTime Inside Sales team to drive an increase in leads generated from the right operators and increase lead conversion and case sales.

RealTime Intelligence® (RTI)

RealTime Intelligence is just like it sounds. Dashboard-driven, real-time intelligence on your business. Get live, dynamic Intel in our easy-to-use cloud-based platform that is secure and accessible on your tablet or PC.

Real Performance Measures® (RPM)

RealTime Solutions can help you develop a variety of RPMs against your business. The objective is to clearly define expectations in a measureable way and establish a basis for accountability at all levels.

Real Online Rebates® (ROR)

Real Online Rebates is a dynamic rebate tool that allows operators to log on to a branded rebate website to submit their proof of purchases for rebate submission.

Real Sales Rewards® (RSR)

Take your sales performance to the next level with Real Sales Rewards. Customized incentive programs that tie your trade spend dollars to results.


SM@RT STRATEGY is a value-added capability for Member Manufacturers participating in our Operator Rewards Programs.


So many sales leads. So little time. That's why we created a sm@rter way.

Commodity Processing Communication, Planning & Reporting

Create a smarter strategy with RealTime metrics by increasing usage and reducing carry over with regularly scheduled balance updates to stakeholders.